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My Path to Success

Ninth Grade

Part 1. Go to and login to your account with the account name and password provided by your teacher. Continue to follow the directions on My Path to Success, 9th Grade, Part 1.

Part 2. Go to and log back in to your account with the account name and password written on My Path to Success, Part 1. Follow the directions on My Path to Success, 9th Grade, Part 2.

Tenth Grade

Part 1. Go to and login to your account. To login, follow the directions given to you by the guidance counselors. Continue to follow the directions on My Path to Success, 10th Grade, Part 1.

#3 My Career

1. Go to the Occupational Outlook Handbook and follow the directions on Part 3, My Career.

#4 My Interests


1. Go to the Career Self Assessment Login and input your username and password from your "My Plan for Success, 9th Grade".

2. After you have logged in click on My Interest Finder, read the directions, then begin.

3. After you complete My Interest Finder review your results to see the type of activities that interest you. Write down your top three interests on your graphic organizer. At the bottom of the page click on Find Careers that Match My Interests.

4. Go to the bottom of the "Student Career Matching Assistant" and input Planned Education Level, Industry Focusand General Work Activities. This will help narrow your potential career choices down.

5. Click on View Matching Careers.

6. Review the different career choices by clicking on the name of the career. Choose three careers that interest you and write them down on your College and Career Planning Graphic Organizer. 

7. Again, click on the 3 careers you're interested in and look under the Related Majors section. Under each career on your graphic organizer, write down two corresponding majors you may want to study in the future.

#5 My Education

1. Review your Careers and Majors from "My Plan for Success, 10th Grade". Circle two majors that you will consider pursuing.

2. Begin reviewing various post-secondary opportunities at My College Search. Follow the directions on your graphic organizer once you are on the college search website.

3. At the bottom of the webpage click on Sign Up and create a College Board account. Be sure to write down your username and password.

4. Sign in and begin your college search by clicking on Type of School. Input your answers through, at least, the Majors and Learning Environment Section

5. Input the two majors you circled in step 1. You may review colleges that fit your criteria at any time by clicking on Close and See Results. Begin your review of colleges by clicking on one of the corresponding college boxes. 

6. Return to the list of colleges and drag 6 colleges you may be interested in applying to next year, to the bottom of the screen to create your college list. Also write the names of these colleges on your graphic organizer. Edit and review this list anytime. Use it when it comes time to apply to college when you are a senior.